Wholesale - Not Open To The Public

  Sproule Enterprises - Since 1973

    A Division of R.D.Sproule Enterprises Inc.

  Sproule Enterprises is a major florist supply house. We supply the retail florist, across Canada, with virtually all their

  supply needs - Ribbon, Baskets, Christmas Greens and Picks, Christmas Trees, "Silk" Greens and Flowers,

  "Silk" Trees, Wedding Supplies, Glassware, Plastic Containers, Ceramics, Decoratve Birds and Butterflies,

  Candles and of course a complete line of Florist Supplies - from Foam to Ferning Pins.

  We sell for less AND we have FREE shipping on orders over $300.00 - ONLY $7.95 under $300.00 - Anywhere in Canada!

    Be sure to visit our self-serve warehouse(works like a supermarket) - Cash & Carry discounts up to 10%

   Wholesale only please - we are not open to the public.

    ABOUT THIS WEBSITE:   This website is updated daily. Underlined product code numbers or colours indicate the

    product or colour is temporarily out of stock - Please choose a substitute.


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